Enjoy your spare time, it is hard to come and Let us do your House Works, get affordable cleaning services in Perth

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your family deserves Quality Cleaning service. We are here to give you cleaning service in Perth. We Professionals,
highly experienced, trustworthy and highly recommended by our existing clients! 

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About Clean Life - Our Affordable Cleaning Services In Perth

We are Family owned cleaning company which gives the best Cleaning service in Perth, WA. We are here to bring well-being to your homes and offices with Quality Cleaning and get affordable cleaning in Perth. We have been doing this business for more than 5 years now and have been very fortunate to serve many clients from domestic cleaning to commercial properties and real estate agents. Their wonderful feedback and encouragements has given us the hope and strength to move ahead to run this business. Are you looking for the best cleaning service in Perth or a home cleaning services in Perth?

We are supported by our dedicated customers and their goodwill. We genuinely care our customer and try hard to meet up to their expectations. We know that you are looking for the topmost cleaning service in Perth? That is why we always do a good job. We can provide you some example to get proper idea. 

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We would like to welcome you all to join our Family of Cleanlife Australia.The best cleaners in Perth will ensure you live a Clean and healthy life. Staying clean is not a Luxury anymore, it is mandatory in this age. You can gate best scrub service Perth.

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Our Targetted Areas :

Why Clean Life Australia?

The best cleaners in Perth 

Washing Procedure

Professional Service

We are famous for our cleaning service in Perth. All our Cleaners are meticulously selected through rigorous vetting process. We are honest, reliable and humble

cleaning service

Years of Experience

We boast 4yr + experice in Cleaning Industry of giving cleaning service in Perth. We have experienced it all and learnt valuable lessons

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Flexible Timing

We are not Rigid and uptight with our clients while giving affordable cleaning services in Perth. We believe in flexibility in timing and days to suit the needs of our Valuable clients

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Fully Insured

We are fully insured for Public and Products liability upto 20 million. Our employees are protected with Workers Compensation insurance

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Eco friendly

We use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products but we provide well-equipped cleaners in Perth. We Care for the Planet and believe to pass on better world to our kids.

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Cleaner choice

We have choice of 1 cleaner or 2 or more cleaners for your home and office cleaning. We also allow to swap cleaners or maintain same cleaner as per your desire while giving cleaning service in Perth

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Certified Cleaner

All our Cleaners are Certified by Building Service Contractors Association of Australia Limited (BSCAA) ii. Trained and certified cleaner

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Support local economy growth

We are proud supporter of local economy growth. We cater to local clients and hire local people so that we can give the proper cleaning service in Perth, we buy from local stores, we help local community in need. We are proud Locals

We service the Whole of Perth Region

We’re on call 24/7, Just call On

0452 44 54 33

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What our Customer Says

The quality of work was excellent and Clean Life exceeded our expectations as they have put in so much effort while giving us cleaning service in Perth. We are booking them on a weekly basis and our house is glistening ever since

office man
Layla James Customer

    “James sent me two lovely cleaner, Tashi and Solem. They arrived 40 mins late, which was a shame. However once they arrived they were really hardworking and keen to do the job well. I’d definitely use them again and would recommend them for their cleaning service in Perth. Once of them had used the Enjoy before and the other was happy to be guided. Overall a good experience :)”

    office man
    Talia H. Customer

      “I would highly recommend James and his wife for their good cleaners in Perth, they are hard working and very nice!”

      office man
      Magda H. Customer

        “The two people were very nice and my house was mostly spotless… however, they left two major spots dusty. Under my couch and bed… I actually had to get the vacuum out and do it myself after they left.But I praise their affordable cleaning service in Perth”

        office man
        Abbey R. Customer
          “Very friendly gent who was prompt with his assistance. Would recommend to others as he is very thorough and nothing is too difficult for him. Thank you James”
          office man
          Patrick M. Customer

            “James and his team did a fantastic job of cleaning our 3x2 town house for an end of lease inspection. Great communication and friendly people. All materials required for the job were supplied and job was completed in a timely manner.”

            office man
            Josh D Customer

              “Thank you James! Our unit was absolutely spotless. So impressed with the oven and carpets - we have never seen them look so good. Will definitely recommend you to friends and be in touch in the future!”

              office man
              Daisy L. Customer

                “James and the team are a rare fantastic group which are unparalleled. Their work is so perfect, they go an extra mile and I guarantee you value for money, One other thing is they work as a team, very cheerful and above all not only hard working but outstandingly professional. Would definitely recommend them 5 stars. Thanks James and crew, we are and will remain in business. Great team!!!”

                office man
                Pianos M. Customer

                  “James and his team from Cleanlife Australia did an excellent job house cleaning, window cleaning and washing of our home. We had our home open with a sparkling clean home. Very happy with the service and attention to detail. We have recommended James to our friends now. I will be booking another job through airtasker within the next day as I want him to do a few more things for us.”

                  office man
                  Trishy F. Customer

                    “Excellent cleaning services provided, with a lovely cleaner who performed the work diligently and in a very professional manner. Will using them for future cleans!”

                    office man
                    Shelley . Customer

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                      Clean Life's Letter Box

                      We are Family owned Cleaning company which is providing the topmost cleaning service in Perth, WA. We are here to bring well being to all our clients by keeping their homes and offices neat and clean.

                      Phone : 0452 44 54 33

                      Email : info@cleanlifeaustralia.com.au

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